Spring / Summer Sandals

Spring / Summer Sandals

I have a huge love for shoes! This piece of an outfit doesn’t always get enough attention, and I believe it’s imperative to have the right shoes to complete an outfit. We are seeing a few different trends this season: raffia texture, straps, ballet, chunky/platform sneakers, and the heavily trending “H” strap sandal. The color-ways are very neutral showcasing a lot of nude, beige, black, and tan. Now let’s dig deeper into each of the dEwing so you can see which matches YOUR style!

Raffia sandals: Raffia sandals are typically made from natural fibers such as raffia or straw, giving them a relaxed and beachy vibe. These sandals are perfect for adding a touch of texture to your spring outfits and can be a great choice for a casual yet chic look. Cinder offers a Raffia sandal with a large strap, comfortable footbed and a platform base. Easy to wear with sundress, shorts or jeans.

H-strap sandals: H-strap sandals feature a strap that forms an "H" shape on the front of the foot. This style is trendy and offers a modern twist on traditional strappy sandals. H-strap sandals can be versatile and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion, which makes them very desirable. Cinder currently offers the gold h-strap sandal in store and online. The bone color-way casual h-strap sandal will be available Monday, April 1st.

3. Ballet flats: Ballet flats are classic and timeless shoes that are comfortable and easy to wear. They come in various colors and materials, making them a versatile option for both casual and more formal outfits. Ballet flats with embellishments or unique details can add a touch of elegance to your spring look.


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