Floral Prints + Pastel Colors

Floral Prints + Pastel Colors

Floral and pastel colors are one of the most popular spring and summer fashion trends. Mixing these tones and prints with all that trending feminine textures will have you feeling like a goddess!

Floral prints can vary from bold and vibrant to soft and subtle, so choose a style that suits your preference. Whether you choose to shout or whisper, there is no wrong in styling with floral!

Pastel colors are soft, light shades that are perfect for creating a delicate and feminine look. Consider incorporating pastel hues like light pink, lavender, mint green, baby blue, and soft yellow into your outfits. I recommend trying on multiple shades to see which one compliments your skin tone best. Not every pastel tone is going to work for you, but you will definitely find at least a couple that make your skin glow!

Don't be afraid to mix and match different floral prints or pastel colors in one outfit. Just make sure to balance the look by pairing bold patterns with more subdued pieces. There are so many mesh layering tops available right now that pair under dresses, tees, rompers, and blazers to make mixing and matching so much easier!

Maybe your comfort level is adding a pop of floral or pastel to your outfit with accessories like jewelry, shoes, handbags, or even hair accessories. These small touches can make big statements!

Layering different pieces can help you create a more interesting and dynamic outfit. Try layering a pastel cardigan over a floral dress or pairing a floral top with pastel pants.

Remember, fashion is all about expressing yourself and having fun, so don't be afraid to experiment with different combinations and styles to find what works best for you! All of us at Cinder Boutique would be honored to help you find the style that best suits you!

xo, Lori
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